Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Pre- MTC fun with family.

After arriving in Utah on Friday the 8th, and spending much needed time with friends, and family. We sorta had time to re-group and notice all the things I was missing. So we SHOPPED, which was really fun with my cousin Lindsay, Aunt Shannon, and my Mom. We ate lots of Cafe Rio, Kneaders, and Sushi. Yum! Here are some pics:

Traveling with my fun!

Lots of snuggle time...but never enough.

Saying goodbye to my best friends, Ryan & Erika.
I had gifts to give them for Valentines Day, which included
the very first pictures we had ever taken together.

When my friends left, I got some tender
snuggles with my little cousin Brinley, who is so sweet.

We had a big family dinner on Sunday. It was so fun
to be together and just do what we do and talk.

Grandpa and Sadie. 10th Feb 2013

I love Marilyn and Grandpa Beaujeu!
They're kinda the

Lindsay, Brinley, Lexi, Cassi and McKenzie
I love these girls so much. The best cousins EVER!

Tyler is playing his ipad, then there is Uncle Teazer...
I mean, Uncle Dennis & Aunt Cindy. My Uncle Jeff is on the right.

Spending time with my girls...was awesome.

There is Uncle Jeff and Aunt Julie.
They are so happy and fun.

There is my Aunt Shannon with Rick her boyfriend.
I dubbed him her 'Pre-ance' (said like fiance). Hah!

Marilyn and Miko, Uncle Jeff's dog.
We had three dogs, and two ginnea pigs
in this house. We kinda dig animals. :)

Mom and Kenz.

This brings us to Sunday night Feb 10th. Stay tuned for more to come.

Sister Dodge

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