Wednesday, February 13, 2013's Heeeere!

If there is one thing I would want people to know about this experience to this point is that I have REALLY wanted to serve. Since getting my Patriarchal Blessing it has been clear to me, and I have not wavered, waffled, or stepped left of my goal. I had many experiences when people found out I was going to Idaho to attend Brigham Young University- Idaho....which is sometimes with tongue-in-cheek called BYU-I-DO! Being told I'd be married the first semester just made me mad. Once I got confirmation that I was to serve...I meant business. If you asked the people closest to me, they'd agree- I am committed.

My trac at BYU-I was Winter-Spring, which meant I attend from January through July. Then I would come home and work from August through December and save for school (and Mission). I was planning on putting in my third year at school before I turn 21 in July of 2013. That was the plan. Until miracle, of miracles President Monson made the announcement in our October 2012 General Conference that the age of eligability for young men would be lowered to 18, and for young women it would be 19. I screamed! I kept saying, over and over, "I'm going on a Mission!"..."I'm going on a Mission!"

The wait was over. I could begin working on my papers, and preparing right away. I had a few major things to get done, including oral surgery to have my 3 wisdom teeth removed. Yup, I said 3...I was only born with three. LOL. Yay!

Being involved with the Young Single Adults in our Stake and area was an interesting pill to swallow. It seemed that each function I attended someone new was announcing that so-and-so got their mission call to serve here, or there. The thing that was gut wrenching wasn't where they were called (we are called exactly where we are supposed to serve) was WHEN their report date was. I started hearing about the great influx of missionary applications. It was reported that there was a 400% increase. Would this mean that my report date would be extended later and later? We were hearing of report dates (for entering the MTC) in March, then April, then when my good friend got his call to report in JUNE I about had a cow! I wanted to go NOW! My Mom kept telling me not to worry...that the Lord knew my heart. So when I got my Mission call and it said to report on the 13th of February, 2013....I was so happy, excited, and humbled. I had just over 6 weeks to prepare. LOL! I am so thankful! T.H.A.N.K.F.U.L!

Now, we were on our way to the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah. I'm going on a MISSION!
On the ride to the MTC with Kenz, Linds, and Me.
Can I just say that I LOVE my cousins?!
We are HERE. There are sercurity gates.

The man at the gate was SO nice. He asked
who was our Missionary and he waved at me.
He told us where to pull to unload. He said we
were awesome to be 15 minutes early.  Yay us!

Pulling in was amazing. There were Missionaries everywhere!
They are expecting 1,000 missionaries today. The most in one day EVER!
Oh gosh...Oh gosh!

"I'm really here. This is REALLY happening!"

Laughing, crying, joy, and enthusiasm...I'm HERE!

This young Missionary told us where to park.

Then my HOST Missionary came to help
us with my luggage. Aunt Shan about had it handled.

He was headed to Belgium on his Mission.
OK...our family is from Belgium. Cool.

He was supposed to ask me several questions.
Do I have ALL my luggage?
Do I have my coat?
Do I have my wallet and ID?
Do I have my immunization records?
Do I have my 5 generation pedigree chart?
Do I have my driving record"

Now for the real hugs goodbye...

Me and Linds...Oh bessie...I love this girl.

No words.

Nothing like a good cry.

Mom and Me. Cheek kisses, and words of love.
Letting go...
Then...I'm off! Bye y'all! See you in 18...MONTHS!

Let's go Elder...put a kick in your step! LOL

And....I'm gone.
Thank you to everyone who helped me get here so quickly. There are so many. I am thankful. I am ready to serve because y'all believed in me, helped me, and love me. Keep your eyes on this blog. Though I cannot write it Mom is doing this for me so I can keep in touch with y'all. There is very little time to write letters as they keep us pretty busy. The work is waiting. I better get to it.

Sister Dodge

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