Monday, July 15, 2013

Are you ready for some more miracles?


Hermana Dodge and Hermana Ostler

So last Sunday we decided to go over to Mari's house. Mari is a lady that the Elders contacted and referred to us because she lives in our area. she wants to find something that will help her and her family, especially her sons. so we've tried contacting her but she works all day and her husband just lost his job so it has been a little difficult. Last Sunday when we went over she answered the door and immediately invited us in. It was so cool! I had to ask her twice if we could come in just because I was like, "Oh, wow, we're really going into her house!", so we sit down and start sharing the gospel with her. I offered to say the opening prayer if she would like to say a prayer before we leave and she just beamed and said, "Yes! Can you teach me how to pray? I just don't really know how!" And I said, "Yes of course!" We went through the steps and I prayed to give an example and she just loved it. We shared the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she soaked it up. Angels have really been preparing her to listen to us. Right before we shared Joseph Smith's experiences with her, she stopped and said, "Hold on! Let me shut off the music!" (there was soft music on in the background that we didn't even really notice) and so she went and shut it off and then said that she really wanted to pay attention because she could tell this was very special. So, Hermana Ostler shared the First Vision and the Spirit was there with us. It was amazing. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and explained what it was and before we could even commit her to read a specific part she held the book up to her chest and said, "Thank you very much! I work every day but I will read this book every single day at work when I have time or before I go to bed!" and we just looked at each other like... "Did you hear that?!" and so we marked Chapter 10 of Moroni to read in the Book of Mormon and she said she would definitely read it before the next time we came. We asked her to give the closing prayer and she knelt down and scooted closer to us and said "I want to pray by you!" and she offered one of the most sincere prayers to our Heavenly Father I have ever heard. She forgot how to end and so she looked at me and I opened my eyes and whispered, "En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen." to her and then she said it. She opened her eyes and said I feel this cool feeling on my body, kind of like cool water inside of me. I've never felt this way before, and I looked her in the eyes and told her that was the Holy Ghost testifying to her that what we've shared is true, and that she can feel good feelings like that every single time she reads and prays. Her eyes started to fill with tears and she clasped her hands together and closed her yes and said "Gracias, Padre. Gracias". It was one of the most amazing things in the whole world. We didn't even have to ask her to kneel and pray, she just did it. She beat us to making commitments! Of course, we still made them, but SHE is the one who brought them up! The Lord is preparing people to hear this message of the Restoration. People are looking for the truth to fill the part of their hearts and souls that cannot be filled by anything else.
This dog just kept wanting to shake my hand. So funny!

Then, yesterday we were visiting some potential investigators and referrals. There is a specific apartment complex that we have a lot of contacts in. So, we were there and we were about to walk out and there was this younger (20s or 30s) Mexican guy working on his car. The Spirit said "GO TALK TO HIM. NOW."  So I said "Well, alright!" and walked over. Hermana Ostler just turned around and I was already half way across the parking lot, and she just hurried after me! (She's getting used to me doing stuff like that.) Anyway, I walked over and introduced us and asked his name and he said, "Angel!" (pronounced ahn-hell) and my jaw dropped. We had been trying to meet Angel for a few weeks now! He was a referral from some other missionaries and every time we went over he wasn't home, was working, or something. We had only talked to his wife! And so we set up a time to meet with his wife and kids on Tuesday (tomorrow) and then we would try and meet Angel later. So, there we were, talking to Angel in the flesh! I looked at him and my jaw dropped and I said, "WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU! NO WAY!" I explained that I saw him and felt really impressed to come talk to him right now and that was why! We talked to him about his belief in Christ and He told us about how in a lot of churches they preach about Paul and John, and other apostles and a lot of churches doctrines contradict each other and that he just really likes learning about Jesus Christ because he is "the way and the truth!" It was amazing. We talked about how the Savior is the head of our church and how everything we do as missionaries revolves around sharing his gospel-the original gospel that he set up when he was on the Earth and he really liked that! Anyway, we told him we were going to stop by on Tuesday and visit his wife and then set up to teach his whole family and He loved that. We talked about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses FAMILIES. It brings us all closer together. It was wonderful. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and how he leads us to the people who need this message. I'm grateful for the guidance He gives us. All we have to do is ask for it and listen to it. I love his work. I love being a missionary!
You cannot believe how many people have dogs here.
Everyone has at least one dog, many have many dogs,
and they LOVE to take pictures holding their dogs. LOL

The weather is crazy, it's over 110 out here about half the time. We only see under 100 in the mornings and evenings. Hermana Ostler is great! She's doing good. She's learning a lot. Being a trainer is so hard but really awesome all at the same time. My mind never stops. I'm always thinking and praying as we walk down the street. We're getting 20 new sisters in the mission this next transfer, and because of the split, there are only about 20 sisters here in the mission! And, they want to keep all the Sister Training Leaders together in companionships to make it easier, so some Hermana's will have to train 2 new sisters at once. And,  the Assistants asked Hermana Ostler if she was ready to train at the Zone meeting a few weeks ago and she just looked at them with a deer in the head-lights type of look and said, "I'll do what God wants me to do!" So, she might be training too! I've been really focusing on her getting ready. I might have 2 new missionaries next transfer! Crazy!

Studying, and planning. I LOVE being a Missionary!

We're going to get pedicures with the English Sisters after our zone activity today. OH MY GOSH. Aunt Lynn sent me a beautiful birthday card with a $100 bill taped inside! Can you believe that!?!?! I was SHOCKED. I am so grateful. Don't worry, I will be sending her a very nice hand written thank you note. I am so grateful. It's crazy. She is such an angel! I don't think I'll have time to go get something today, but next week I might go buy a new pair of shoes with it. All of my Toms are just worn out! I washed them this morning so hopefully they will look nicer. I don't need anything  (for my Birthday) I'm doing great! I'm a missionary! Missionaries don't need stuff! All we need is people to teach, the Spirit, and a copy of the Book of Mormon! :)
I'm absolutely loving life right now. God is so good to me. YOU are so good to me, mom and dad! I love you both so incredibly much.
Hermana Dodge

This is Estrella (Star in English) she wanted to wear
my name tag so bad...and who can refuse this face?