Monday, February 11, 2013

Shoppin' with the big dawgs.

Actually, shopping is NOT one of my favorite things to do. I don't like the whole getting undressed fifty billions times, static-y hair, and let's face it...who's body is a perfect size? Don't answer that. Here are a few pictures:

At Mikarose...I do love pockets.

We used the word 'hideocre' a LOT!
Said like, hideous and mediocre combined. Hah!
Look what Lindsay came in wearing...
Hahaha! I LOVE this girl!Yes, it's an
actual faux-fir sweater. It looked like a rug.
But she was rockin it. I tell ya.
We wanted to shop in Utah at DownEast, and
Mikarose because let's face it...trying to find modest
dress lengths in Texas is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I did find a couple of pretty dresses but Mom
still had to take out a couple of hems.

Check out the new pin-tuck hem.
Doesn't this fabric just say...California?

This project gave me another inch and a half in length.

We did our homework before leaving Texas. We knew where we'd like to go and do some shopping. Mothers of other Missionaries we know were a plethora of information regarding places to go. Modern Shoes in Provo (on Center Street) was very helpful in outfitting me with a couple of pair of 'sturdy' shoes. And there is the Sister Missionary Mall in Orem. But we found most of the things that worked in random places. I was glad we came a few days early so we could just run around and look. Lindsay & Aunt Shannon...thank you.

Sister Dodge

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