Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Letter

Dear Mom and Dad,
Our P-days are on Thursdays but the MTC (Mission Training Center) Presidency wanted us to write our parents within the 1st few days so you would know that we are alive and well. :) I'm alive and well! I hope this gets to you before you leave for St. George! Read this to Dad too!

I love it here! The days seem long and the nights are short. It feels like it takes forever to actually get to sleep at night and then you blink and it's 6:30am already! It is so crazy. This morning I woke up and said, "Ay, Hermana! Esta seis y media? No es possible!" which means- Oh, Hermana! It's 6:30?! That's impossible! (in broken Spanish). LOL

The food here is...sufficient. Ha! I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. In the morning I eat fruit and a bagel. Tell Jered they have strawberry cream cheese. :) I like the wild berry, personally. For lunch I have 'salad', and for dinner a roll, salad, and fruit. I'm trying to be healthy. There are a ton of Elders, especially from Eastern countries who come into the MTC and gain 40-50 pounds! Crazy, huh?

I just ate lunch and the salad was actually pretty good. And I had a little pasta, and a banana. Esta bien! :)

The MTC is amazing! I've already taught 2 investigators. 1 in Spanish, and 1 on my first night (in English)! It was amazing. I will tell you more about my first day later. There's not enough time right now.

I love Spanish! It is difficult, but it is coming along great! I have surpassed 1.5 years of spanish in High School in just 2 days here. There are people in my class, or district, who are getting it alot better than I am, but there are also a few who are REALLY struggling. Pray for them. They only know how to say "si", y "no". LOL

I love you guys! I have to go now! I have prayed, taught, and shared my testimony in Spanish already! It's a miracle!

Toms are allowed for Sister Missionaries! Yay!

I make my bed every single day! It's not even a rule, and I just do it because I WANT TO! Crazy, huh? It's true!

I love you guys!

Your Faithful Missionary
Hermana Dodge

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