Monday, August 12, 2013

STL's in Lancaster, CA


I'm loving life. There is a lot of new things going on, a lot of changes, a lot of patience, a lot of everything, which is great! I'm just learning and growing a ton! I love you bunches! I pray for you every day, mommy!  
I love you mommy. I'm a Sister Training Leader! One of my mission dreams came true: I opened up an area in Lancaster to not only Sisters, but HERMANAS. They're taking Hermanas farther into the desert, little by little. And I'm loving it.

 This week was one of the hardest weeks of my life. Oh my goodness Satan really put the pressure on me. Sister Training Leaders have a TON of responsibility, like, so much. We're basically zone leaders. We had MLC (missionary leadership council, used to be known as Zone Leader Council, until Sister Training Leaders got created) and I felt great! I felt like that's where I should be. But, then Satan tried to tear me down afterwards. I felt so inadequate. I felt like none of my questions or comments were worth-while, I felt like I shouldn't have talked so much (btw this is going to sound crazy, but I've calmed down on my mission. Like, I don't talk as much. I still do, don't worry, I’m not losing my personality! But, I'm refining it) and so Satan just kept telling me I'm too loud, I'm not good enough, I don't have the experience that I need to be a Sister Training Leader… blah blah blah, just a bunch of nonsense. So that night I just got home and was done with the day and just told Heavenly Father I don't know why You called me to do this. I don't get it. I don't know what You want me to take from this. But I'm only going be able to handle all of this with Your help. I'll go and do whatever in the world You want me to, I just need Your help as I go. So, that's exactly what happened! It's been beautiful. My companion is from the other side of the mission (aka the Ventura side) and she's been out 13 months. She reminds me a TON of Aunt Shanny. Just her facial expressions and the way she talks, and also the way she gets annoyed TOTALLY IS SHANNY. Hahaha. So you KNOW I love her. She's was one of the STL's  during the previous transfer. We were an answer to each other's prayers. That being said, we're different. and so we're still working out a few kinks.

 This is what I sent to President Wilson this week:

Hi President!

Talk about the craziest week of my mission! This has been a week full of very rapid growth, and change, and stuff I'm not used to. And let me just say, I love it! This week has been HARD, President. So hard. But beautiful in it's own way. Hermana Foster is amazing. I love her so much already. We've grown a lot together this week. But we're glad we have each other. We were both an answer to each other's prayers, so THANK YOU for listening to the Spirit and sending her to me. That being said, we're different. So we're still trying to work out the kinks. It's a cool process. I'm really trying to step up to the "Sister Training Leader" plate. To be honest, after MLC, I felt a little inadequate. And by a "little" I mean "a lot". I have a bright personality. I like to laugh and smile and talk to people and make people feel good. The Spirit likes happy people! And so sometimes Satan tells me that I need to be quieter, that I need to be more reserved, that my comments aren't worth anything, which is not true at all! I got a blessing last night from Elder Wendt and Elder Moser in which Heavenly Father told me that my personality and brightness is a spiritual gift and to never let that light dim. And that I was called to be Sister Training Leader because the Lord has big expectations for me and that I'm going to need to use this happiness that I have to help all the Hermanas under my stewardship. President, I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT. I am so grateful for worthy priesthood holders that are willing to help me out when I need it. So, don't worry, I'm doing great! I had a really good personal study and companionship study. The Spirit makes everything better.

I'm loving life out here in Lancaster! I've always wanted to open a Hermana area out here! It's been fun. I love being a missionary, President! This is the best thing in the whole world! I love being able to bring the Gospel to other people! I'm happy as can be, and we're working hard! Love ya!

-Hermana Dodge

So there’s that. I honestly can't remember a lot about this week. The Spirit just takes over and you do what you gotta do. I'll try and write you a letter this week. Ryan sent me a birthday package full of awesomeness. He's such a stud.

I’m excited to get that Down East stuff you got me! i hope you didn't go too crazy. We start doing exchanges next week so there will be lots of traveling. I'm now driving a 2013 red Toyota Corolla. She's a beaut!  The Elders who had her before us are in our Zone and are super upset that we got her and they got their car taken away. It's SO funny. They call her "The Mistress" or "The Red Mistress" but only "when she gets angry." We parked under a tree and she got some bird poopie on her during church and so when the Elders got out of the English ward they came and left a pass-along card on our window that said "Poop?! SHE DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS!" OH, and when the elders gave us the keys, they kissed her hood goodbye. I about died laughing. They are so fun. Missionaries are happy, fun, people with everyone.

Ok Momma, here is my NEW address:

2040 W J-13
Lancaster, CA, 93536

I gotta run. I love you! Send me a card, or something with more info! Write me a letter or something!
I really love you! I'll send pictures next week.

Hermana Dodge

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