Monday, June 17, 2013

President Hall asked me to Train!

So, surprise! President Hall just called me and asked me to be a trainer! Saturday night I found out I'm going to stay here in Esperanza and Hermana Tavoian is leaving. So, that means I'll be in the newly created Bakersfield Mission with President Wilson! and then President called and Hermana Tavoian answered and said hello, I'm actually calling to talk to Hermana Dodge! And then he asked me, "Will you be a trainer? Will you be exactly obedient? And will you fulfill the 12-week program?" and I said, "Yes, of course!" Then he gave me some more information. I'm going to transfer meeting tomorrow to pick up my new trainee and to drop off Hermana Tavoian!

It is so evident to me that I needed to be in the Bakersfield Mission. Think about it:

When I sent in my mission papers, the Bakersfield Mission had not been created yet. So, Heavenly Father must have wanted to me to go to San Fernando because He knew that's how I would get to Bakersfield. So, then, I remember getting the letter from President in the mail that talked about all the different Spanish areas in the mission. (aka- a ton) and one was called Esperanza (aka- the area I'm in right now) and I knew Esperanza meant "hope" in Spanish and I remember sitting on the couch in the living room and thinking, "Oh I want to go there! I'm going to need a little esperanza!" and then... I got sent here. THEN, I remember right when I heard that the mission was being split I thought, "That is why I'm here... I'm going there". Also, I only had a month in between when I got my call and when I reported to the MTC (Mission Training Center in Provo, UT). That is almost unheard of for missionaries at the time that I submitted my papers because of that huge wave of missionaries. People had to wait months to enter the MTC, because the MTC was PACKED. All the missionaries in my District in the MTC had submitted their papers way before I did! The Lord needed me out in the field, and he needed me TRAINED so that I could hit the ground running and be ready to help open this new mission with President Wilson. He needed me to be ready so that I can be an asset to my new Mission President. I'm going to see miracles. I was bummed for a grand total of 5 minutes because President Hall is awesome and the valley is cool. But then... the Spirit just hit me and was like, "You need to become what Heavenly Father wants you to become and is planning on you becoming. Stop worrying about yourself and step up to the plate!" and then I got called as a Trainer. lol. It is awesome.
Prep-Day at the church.
I love being a missionary. We are seeing miracles out here in the desert. Please send me Erika's birthday so I can make sure to not miss it.  I need you to look it up on FaceBook or something and let me know when it is! Please send back the SD card that I sent you with everything on it. Don't worry about my birthday. To be honest, I forgot about it until last night because Sister Peatross's birthday is today and I realized my birthday is in a month. I'm fine. I have everything I need :)
I'll let you know if I need anything! I love you a whole bunch. Life is so good. Hermana Tavoian and I have been having a lot more fun this week which is awesome. We've been working really hard. Life is good! I'll only be on for 10 more minutes because I'm writing to President! I love you!

We went to lunch with some GREAT members
Back- Sis's Scaife, Fish & Peatross
Middle- Sister's Cottrell, Tavoian, & Hermana Dodge
Front- Wendy & Trevor Bird
Hermana Cassi Dodge

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