Monday, April 8, 2013

Mission Splitting!

Hi Everyone!

I've got lots of stuff to tell:

Our Mission is getting split! Ya know how yesterday they mentioned that there would be the creation of 58 new missions? Yeah, they are forming a CA Bakersfield Mission that will split our mission in half! This split takes in the area I am serving in right now. There are two transfers in between now and when the mission actually splits, and since I am being trained for my first 12 weeks, I won't go anywhere this next transfer, but then the last transfer...the one right before the mission splits, I could leave, but I also could stay. So I may be in a new mission with a new Mission President, in June. I am trying not to worry about it.

This week I was SICK! It was awful. Being sick on the mission STINKS. But, I worked through it and I'm feeling much better. I got a ton of home remedies from the Hispanic people. This lady gave me a jar of this concoction she made of blended up radishes, garlic, onions, lemons, and a bunch of other random things (who knows, didn't ask) that she threw in there. And she mushed that all up and told me to eat 2 spoonfuls every day. So...I did! It was the single most disgusting taste/texture combination of my LIFE! But, it worked! :) Also, Sister Cropper told me to gargle with salt water every few hours, so I did that too. I was sick for about 3+ days but I got a wonderful Priesthood blessing, and now I am feeling great! I LOVE hippie remedies that I am learning on my mission. :)

Hermana Tavoian and Hermana Dodge

Tell Tyler Weiss and the Weiss family that Elder Michael Neff is in my district. In fact, we serve in the same ward! He was so stoked that I knew them. It was so tender. Also, for the people that might read this and care, he is a huge Guster fan. We're buds.

Okay we need to talk about General Conference for a minute...

General Conference was about families this time. Holy cow.

Sister Dalton's talk? OH MY GOSH. Changed my life. I didn't even take notes. I just sat there in AWE as she spoke.

I saw Robin Pratt singing in conference and I was so excited! I was like, "I know her!" It was such a sweet surprise! The BYU choirs were absolutely WONDERFUL! They sounded fabulous. :)

Mom, do you remember that tea party that I went to when I was a little girl? It was a birthday party for someone in my class at school, and I was little, like maybe 1st, or 2nd grade. It was down in the old part of downtown Grapevine in the back of a little shoppe. It was an old fashion tea party...anyway, I remember being all dressed up in the fancy dresses they had there for us to wear, we walked along the street outside and practiced our princess waves, hahah. Anyway, when the ladies came around to serve us tea I asked the woman who was serving me, "Is that real tea?" and she said, "Yes, would you like some?" And I said, "Ummm, I don't know, just a second." You were sitting in the back by the other Moms and I ran up to you and whispered in your ear, something along the lines of, "Mommy, that's REAL tea that they are serving! What should I do?" And you looked at me and said, "What do you think you should do? What does the spirit tell you?" So I went back to my seat and sat downand the lady came back and asked me again if I would like some tea and I said, "No thank you, I don't drink tea." And then she said, "Okay, I will bring you something else!" I remember how good I felt. I felt so happy and proud of myself, and you just smiled at me. Mom, thank you so much for letting me make my own choices and allowing me to choose the right on my own and teaching me about the Spirit when I was young. There were quite a few talks about how to talk to your children and how to show your kids that you love them and I took SO many notes. I received a lot of revelation, but there were so many times where I thought to myself, 'My mom does that!' -or- 'Oh yeah, my mom is good at that!' So Mom, thanks for being so cool.

Oh man, Elder L Tom Perry THREW DOWN! It was awesome. I think he's been taking tips from Elder Holland. Oh, Elder Holland SERIOUSLY threw down this conference! Elder L. Tom Perry was the warm up, and Elder Jeffrey R Holland was the ball game. They were both AMAZING! President Thomas S Monson was so great, and hilarious. I am so thankful for him and his love. I am so thankful to have a true prophet on the earth today. He is a blessing and a treasure.

OHHHHH...ya know how President Monson announced a new temple to be built in Rio De Janeiro? Well, I hope everyone remembers that that is where the next OLYMPICS are going to be! How amazing is that going to be to have a temple being built, maybe, possibly even finished when people from all over the world are flocking there for the Olympics. That is absolutely amazing, and perfect timing. :)

I also loved Sister Wixom's talk. 'Where ere thou art, act well thy part." I remember looking at that stone in the Library at BYUI with Ryan, and then I went and saw it again at the MTC, and then she mentioned it in General Conference, and I was like...WHAT?!?! It was so cool. The BEST feeling.

I LOVE my Mission President and his wife. I want to BE a Mission President's wife. I am going to grow and live my life worthy of that. When I look at President  and Sister Hall and how cute they are, I just see me and my husband. We had training meetings this week and he told us his priorities are:

1- Sister Hall
2- Their kids
3- The Missionaries

So- what does that mean? Well- he told night is every Friday from 6--9pm so don't call. Then Sis. Hall interrupted him and said, "Honey, put a plus sign next to the 6-9pm 6-9 or more." He laughed and said, "I'll put 2 plus signs, just to be safe." and winked at her. It was THE cutest thing I have ever seen. He loves her so much. And he loves his kids. Family day is on Saturday, and FHE is Monday and he likes to help with dinner and homework from 6-9. AND- He loves us Missionaries like crazy. It was so cool. I just want to BE a Mission Presidents wife. I KNOW I'm going on another mission after this one when I'm older. Mission's'. I love this life and I want it forever. For people who might read this letter...Preach My Gospel doesn't just apply to missionary work. It applies to family. How to make goals FOR YOUR FAMILY. How to use time wisely FOR YOUR FAMILY. So, yeah, I'm going to use Preach My Gospel forever.
Look who I saw! Hrm Clifton, Hrm Barnes, and I
at our training meetings.

Oh gosh, my time is up and people are waiting to use the computers. I gotta go. I love you so much. Give Daddy a hug and thank him for me. He's so cool. I love all of you so much. Okay...gotta go.

Hermana Dodge

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